Hued & Valedón, P.A. - Federal and State Criminal Defense

Joan-Verónika Valedón-Miranda, Esq.

    Originally from Puerto Rico, Attorney Valedón graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Modern Languages.  Attorney Valedón graduated from the University of Florida College of Law (ranked among the top fifty law schools in the nation), and clerked for the Honorable Justo Arenas, United States District Court, Federal District of Puerto Rico.  A former prosecutor in Seminole as well as Hillsborough County, Ms. Valedón has prosecuted criminal defendants in a broad range of charges.  She is familiar with the internal operations of the State Attorney's Office.  As a prosecutor she also participated in "ride-along" duty--ridden alongside law enforcement officers as they executed law enforcement operations.  

     Attorney Valedón has also worked for the Ninth Circuit PD, where she represented clients at all stages of the trial process, from arrest and initial appearances to pretrial motions and bond hearings and up to jury trials.  An experienced and multifaceted attorney, she also represented clients at bench trials during Juvenile Delinquency proceedings.

     When the Ninth Circuit initiated the early representation unit, Ms. Valedón was selected to implement the goals of the unit.  Upon an individual’s arrest, Ms. Valedón would immediately analyze the defendant's situation and identify the best course of immediate action.  She was the first legal counsel for people charged with all types of crimes including drug cases, DUIs, batteries, sexual charges and homicide.

     Ms. Valedón’s experience extends beyond the trial process.  As the attorney in the VOP Division in Orange county, she has handled hundreds of cases involving violations of probation.  Ms. Valedón also has experience in the administrative process; She held a seat on the council which made determinations regarding an individual’s eligibility for Pretrial Diversion programs.  Ms. Valedon has also represented individuals in Baker Act proceedings.

     Attorney Valedón has been affiliated with the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is fluent in Spanish and French.