Hued & Valedón, P.A. - Federal and State Criminal Defense

A. Mauricio Hued, Esq.

    With 15 years of criminal trial experience dedicated exclusively to federal and state criminal defense, Mauricio Hued has helped thousands of clients.  He has skillfully represented clients on trial for charges ranging from first-degree murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, international drug smuggling, sexual battery, robbery, criminal immigration cases, DUI, arson, and more.  

     Mr. Hued grew up in Orlando.  He was salutatorian of his graduating class at Colonial High School, where the scholar-athlete was voted "most likely to succeed" by his peers.  Mr. Hued is a proud graduate of The Florida State University College of Law (which is the top-ranked law school in the state of Florida and ranked among the top fifty law schools in the nation).  At Florida State University, Mr. Hued earned his Juris Doctorate degree, was on the board of the Journal of Transnational Law & Policy, and earned a Masters Degree in International Affairs.  Mr. Hued also obtained the highest settlement in the College of Law's prestigious Negotiation Competition, obtaining a settlement that was more than double that of any other participant.

     After law school, Mr. Hued worked for Ninth Circuit Public Defender Robert Wesley, where he rose to the ranks of Felony Lead Attorney.  After his tenure in the Ninth Circuit, Mr. Hued joined the Federal Defender Organization for the Federal Middle District of Florida.  In the Federal Middle District of Florida, where the prosecution earns an overwhelming conviction rate, Mr. Hued enjoyed a successful tenure before leaving to open his own law firm.

     Several years into his practice of law, Mauricio Hued was invited to attend the National Criminal Defense College's Trial Practice Institute at the Mercer University School of Law.  Mauricio Hued was grouped with the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the nation, and together they honed their trial skills.  This is an experience that stands out in a lawyer's career.

     "I am privileged to have had so many opportunities in the law.  I am honored, humbled, and grateful to be in this position.  I owe a great deal to the clients and families who place their trust in me.  The bond I form with my clients is the driving force behind my success.  There is no greater professional satisfaction than standing up for my clients and protecting them from the system."